Jaipur-The Pink City! A dream destination for everyone who loves traditional photography, architecture, and lifestyle. If you are one of those traditional drone photography lovers and want your photoshoot to be done in the most beautiful city in the country, then Jaipur is the perfect city for you. This city and so much character & history that it attracts most traditional photography lovers. But for the proper justice with the city’s beauty, one must choose the Best Traditional Photo Studio in Jaipur. 

Best Traditional Photo Studio in Jaipur | Professional Photography

Surya Studio has one of the most experienced and highly skilled teams, which knows each & every corner of the city’s famous destinations. There are many intricacies to look into when it comes to best traditional photo studio; we proudly say that our team has excelled.

Perfect Composition

With the perfect symmetry, positioning & composition, an ordinary wooden door will look astonishingly excellent! Talking about photography at a heritage site, it’s super important to balance the beauty of the monument or the landscape and the person in the frame. Dramatic lighting, dynamic symmetry, and thoughtfulness of an image are an art to be captured. The Surya Studio team has professional photographers and high-end photography equipment to capture the best moments of your life. 


Every picture tells a story; even if it does not capture humans, it should capture emotions. Picturing stairs, sky, and people doing different activities can create a story timeline. In a city like Jaipur, where there are these portraits on every street & corner, there are a lot of opportunities for the photographers and stories to be made. And these stories work wonders if captured with love! We understand the emotions and layout of the picture, and with our best efforts, we are creating these stories in all our frames. 

Unique Moments 

There are some moments that nature creates itself, like a hundred little sparrows flying together, lightning that throws light on something in such a way that looks super impressive. A photographer needs to inspect the situation very well & needs to prepare the camera to capture it, which needs practice. 

Emphasizing the Details

There are many details to focus on; a photographer needs to emphasize the background and the object at the front.

There are many details which our professional photographers ace, like:

  • Details on the face
  • Non-foreground details 
  • Reflexes 
  • Flowers 
  • Some unnoticed details

To make traditional photography in its best version. 

Why Surya Studio?

Through our experience and dedication of so many years, we can build a team that understands all the intricacies of traditional photography. We are a Jaipur-based company, so we understand the city’s character and what the customer wants. Our customers and their love made us one of the Best Traditional Photo Studios in Jaipur, and we continuously strive to provide our best possible services to the people who trust us.