Professional wedding photography is one of the most challenging and rewarding professions. Some days can feel like you’re shooting in a war zone, thanks to intrusive family members, embarrassing relatives, and demanding clients. However, there’s nothing like hearing your client’s delight when everything goes well, and the photos turn out nicely.

Professional wedding photography in Jaipur

A wedding photographer captures key moments and details on the wedding day to create a beautiful album of memories. It includes capturing important moments like the first time the couple sees each other, exchanging vows or rings, and the ceremony itself. They may also shoot candid shots at various places throughout the day, such as in front of a church or reception hall.

Role of wedding photographer

Wedding photographers capture candid photos of loved ones and guests that they will treasure for a lifetime. Wedding photographers carefully observe the couple and their guests as they interact, photographing the happy couple and their guests to preserve a lasting memory of their special day. The wedding photographer will be present throughout the celebration, capturing every beautiful and joyful aspect, from informal family photographs to carefully planned formal shots.

What does a wedding photography package include?

Check out Romantic Photography’s photography packages and services if you need help with your wedding photography. So, you may be aware of the exact amount you can charge your customers. A breakdown of the fee, on the other hand, will provide the couple with a clear notion of what they’re paying you. A basic package contains a few things which you should be aware of.

  • The number of events to be photographed is unlimited.

The number of events that need to be covered is the first thing you should discuss with your client. You can even break it up into multiple days. The client requests that you cover all of the festivities because few wedding ceremonies run long. Before signing the contract, it is recommend that you discuss the events in total.

  • The number of photographers who will be photographing the wedding

Most wedding photographers employ second shooters to ensure that all activities are cover in detail. Likewise, charging a reasonable amount to the client for delivering more in less time is a value-added service.

  • Time allotted for the shoot

You should discuss the number of hours for each event you agreed to photograph. Most clients expect you to be available throughout the day. However, to prevent misuse of your services, you should charge hourly.

  • Hours Counted

Make your availability for all activities known and charge accordingly. 

  • Number of hard copies and prints to be deliver

The photography package must include printed and digital copies of the wedding ceremony. You should discuss the number of prints to be sent with your client. You can add these data to the contract to avoid misunderstandings and make the process easier for both parties.

Professional wedding photography in Jaipur

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