A Team of Inspiring and Passionate Photographers

The art of capturing precious special moments in the camera is recognized as Photography. Ordering from pinhole cameras to Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras, the art of Photography observed large differences in modern years. For Surya Studio, Photography is not about capturing memories or images, but it is about making memories and moments. Our Photography work is Bright, Strong, and Beautiful as we continuously work to maintain a strong bond with our customers. Wedding photography is not only the leadership of photography, but it reflects the emotions, passion, happiness, the celebration of the bride, and groom along including their families. It regularly displays a moment to appreciate whenever the bride and groom look backward at the captured memories. The capturing of one of the primus events of life is forever a representation of the art of skill and needs to be done by the best in the industry.

The team of professional experts and skilled photographers, cameramen, and videographers at Surya Studio ensures to capture your important moments and present them to you in a perfect way. They can experience travel to each location for your destination wedding.